The Divine Angel

It is not very often that you come across someone whom you can look upto as an ideal. In fact it is quite hard for someone to be of the best quality, for others to admire and appreciate. However I believe there is such a person in everyone’s life. And that is their own mothers.

A famous saying goes this way, “Look for heaven at your mothers feet”. How more true could it be. Without doubt, mother is the true reflection or rather an incarnation of God in the purest form. I wonder what magic he would have performed, for the goodness he has showered into each mother is just marvelous. When I write all these, I have in my mind  none other than my mother- my first friend, my inspiration, my guide and my all.

For whatever she is to me, I thank her. I thank her for the pain she endured to bring me into this beautiful world. I thank her for the numerous times she lost her sleep caressing me and putting me to sleep when I would be turning the world upside down with my shrieks. I thank her for those days when she would just hold me tight and tell me everything is going to be okay when I felt the whole world against me. I thank her for the strength she bestowed in me even when I let her down so bad. Above all this, I thank her the most for making me what I am today, because without her I would still be a decayed lava…instead of the colorful butterfly that I am today.

I read a line somewhere which says, “I believe in love at first sight, because the moment I saw my mother I fell in love with her”. Thinking it over in my head I was stunned by the beauty of the thought. A baby born into this world, opens its tiny eyes to see his mother. He has no clue of anything that goes around him, but there is some sort of a telepathic communication between a mother and her child right from the womb days. Its amazing to even start imagining at the whole process of a woman who carries life inside her. The air she breathes is the babies surviving breath. The water she drinks is the babies elixir. The food she eats is the babies divine potion. If the mother feels weak, the baby feels weak. If the mother is happy, the baby is happy. If the mother goes off mood, the baby senses the same. In short, the mother and the baby are parts of the whole.

It is often said that the foundation of the babies character is laid inside the womb. If a child turns out to be good or bad, it is usually attributed to the mother. Nonetheless it is true, because the aforementioned telepathic connection that the mother and the child has is surprisingly appalling.

And yet there are many who just leave their mothers in the street. Whatever she has done, the sole reason you are here is because she carried you inside her for nine whole months. She put up with all your tantrums. Still some people throw their mothers away from their lives, just because she grew old. Because she lost her memory and it forces her to behave in a not so cultured way. Before you do such a thing just imagine your world without her. Just imagine your home without her. For everyone will turn old one day, and your kids wouldn’t care less. They would just pay you back for all you have done. For abandoning the angel, who gave you life.


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