The little girl

little girl

It was a winter evening,

I was on the road walking.

Amid the cold breeze and snowflakes,

A slight shiver all over my face.


As I looked around , I was caught alarmed

There was a little girl in a dress so unkempt

She seemed like she was sobbing feebly

I walked towards her and stopped a feet away.


I called out to her, just a “hey what happened?”

She remained still for a moment,

I walked closer, bent down to see the torment,

My eyes filled with tears at the sight of her tiny face!!


Her eyes so red out of relentless crying,

Her nose swollen,

Her lips so pale and torn

And the most dismal of all…her clothes!

She wore a thin muslin dress,

With holes all over…

I moved my hand to touch her shoulder…

She didn’t feel the touch..she was numb.


In a moment of haste, I removed my jacket

To cover her sobre body.

After a few seconds she looked up at me

And burst out into tears.


I held her close, she couldn’t stop weeping

When she pulled herself together and stopped crying

I asked her why she was crying…

Only then did i realise…she could not speak…

All she could do was – cry cry and cry……


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