A beautiful picture

It was a calm morning,

I was sitting in the porch when I heard,

a small rattle of the thin wooden door.

I turned to have a look, that is when

a huge shadow, as if, of a monster, was cast in front of me!


Julie, my dog cuddled in between my legs,

She was scared and trembled in jitters.

I held my breath and turned around,

And to my surprise found,

The sky dark with cloud.


I took Julie in my arms,

and kissed assuringly.

I walked towards the fence around my house,

to feel the breeze get stronger,

and turn into wind, a cold chill going down me.

I stood under the huge tree, of which the shadow was cast,

Eager to feel the drops of water,

The much awaited rain- the thirst quencher of earth.


The wind calmed down, and all was still.

Just for a moment, before it started to drizzle.

The first drop to fall, was on the ground,

Turning it into the most beautiful hue, of wet mud.

The petrichor of first rain, like the scent of musk deer,

Enraptured me and pushed me to keep breathing.


I walked without notice, from under the shade,

Julie leapt from my arms and ran into the porch.

I could not run, as I was caught in the beauty of those tiny drops of water,

Shining like diamonds, as if polished to the acme.

It shoved all over my face,

I stood there unmoved, with eyes closed,

With no clue of time that passed.


The rain ceased, and the sun rose high.

I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight,

A rainbow, with the majestic seven colours,

Like magic it glowed.


I wanted to take a picture,

So I clicked one, inside my heart.

I look at that picture often,

And the picture is called a memory!




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