The Hunt


So this is a little story, a real one in fact that happened in our house on a lazy Sunday. I would like to call it ‘The Hunt’. There are three characters involved in the hunt and none of them belonged to the ho- hum and over broody species called homo sapiens, but rather were animals who believe me are much more fun than all of us here, ticking our time away typing things on to a machine which has no life just like the typists!! So the incident or to be specific the hunt happened on a Sunday around twelve in the noon when my husband and I woke up, like all the other members of the human world do. As we were a bit hungry, considering the time I mentioned, we decided to prepare something for Brunch- a fancy word used by lazy people who wake up late and do not have the energy to make breakfast and lunch, so settle with brunch which complements for both the meals. I came into the kitchen and stood there contemplating on what to feed ourselves with, and finally reached a consensus, to make Black tea – one of our most favourite drinks. Did I tell you I just detest lizards?? Yes I just hate those slimy creatures and surprisingly the chirpy sound of theirs is something that fills our home. Our home is home to lizards too. And before I forget, that day while I was preparing black tea, one of those eerie looking reptile was the spectator, clung on the window.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere something flew past me. Was it a bee? No it wasn’t! Was it a fly? No it wasn’t a fly either. So what was it? I couldn’t even stand and look at it, because the thing wouldn’t rest a moment in one place. It kept flying, taking rounds in the kitchen. At last it settled on to one of the metal bars on the window. After studying it carefully, I could not make head or tail of what it was, so for now let us just call it an insect, or the big insect. I called out to my husband, and we both tried our best to shoo away the big insect but with no luck. It stuck itself on the window bar and did not make even a small move.

After a few moments the big insect, flew inside and reached the glass part of the window, and started moving to the direction of the lizard. Like two small kids watching cartoon, we watched the scene intensely. The lizard suddenly caught sight of the big insect, and made careful, silent moves towards it. The big insect stated flapping its sharp wings and with a jerk the lizard moved behind. We cheered the lizard so that it would get a prey that would quench the hunger and added to it the flying beast of which I am scared too would be gone as well. Good riddance as they say! But NO! The lizard, a big coward had no plans of catching the big insect.

So, if you have been wondering when the third character comes in, then it is right now. A black insect, a little lesser in size than the big insect flew in. Let us call it the small insect! Like the big insect, the small insect too clung on to the windows bar at first and then slid inside into the glass. The small insect wasn’t as scary as the big one, and therefore the cowardly lizard without having a second thought stuck out its tongue and caught hold of it. The hunt happened, in the flash of a second.

Since the lizard wasn’t hungry any more, it fled the scene, leaving the big insect alone on the window. Animals are such mannered beings, unlike humans filled with greed for food as well as money. If an animal is full it doesn’t prey on other animals, whereas irrespective of a man’s hunger he would still stock food, and irrespective of his superfluous wealth that he flaunts for everybody to see, he would still be in the lookout to acquire more. Coming back to the story, the big insect continued to fly across the kitchen, and that is when we realized, maybe the insect came in to our home unknowingly and now it was searching for an escape path to free itself. As it desperately tried to find the way out, we opened the window a tad bit so that it could fly out. And like supposed, it saw itself out and we closed the window!

The story is not just a story to read on. It really gets us to think of our lives. We could either be the big insect or the smaller one. The big insect trickily drove away the lizard away from it. While the small insect, unaware of the deadly fate, flew in without taking notice of the lizard and finally fell prey to it. Life would throw way many problems at us. Now it is up to us whether to play the game safe or to jump into something just because we are ignorant.


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