Growing up is definitely a trap. For all those who are still young, please don’t cry yourself out saying that you want to grow up, because where you are right now could be the golden phase of your life. As each day goes by, we forget that we are living, we become mechanised and tend to ignore those little moments which brings together all the happiness under the sun.  The mere word- adult imprints on us an image of an ever serious and never smiling being who is more often than not a slave to the tensions of the mechanised world. We forget to breathe, we forget to feel and in short we forget to live.

During our stride, however, life does send a reminder or two to realise that it is in the smallest things we find greatest happiness. And, for me that reminder came in the form of something, which could have been easily ignored, but let me call it luck, I did not ignore it.

My husband and I, reside in an apartment. Since we are on the top floor and since our window opens itself into the main road, that corner has become one of my favourite places at home. I find refuge in that corner, whether after a fight or just casually to see the trees sway in the breeze.

Added to that, we always get to experience everything first hand. Be it the scorching heat, when the sun, like an enemy of ours, targets its rays right in through our window to make it hot, in fact so hot that one could make an omelette on the floor. Or the cosy rain, when the room gets so cold and just one blanket wouldn’t be enough. And still at other times, the fierce wind, which makes the asbestos sheet on the terrace to rattle so hard, that it reminds us of some paranormal movie. Whatever said and done the window is the best corner in our home which often becomes my muse, where I get invoked to write, like it inspired me to write this post!

So today like any other day was a routine. Where, by six in the evening I take a shower and for a while stand looking out through the window for any sign of rain or just to kill time. So I stood there, when I caught sight of something. There are two houses which are situated right in front of the window of our apartment. There are two small kids in both the houses, a boy and a girl, the boy being a little bigger.

The boy had an umbrella over his head as it was drizzling. The girl was standing at the door of their house with her mother who was deep in conversation with the boy’s mother. The girl was looking over as the boy held the umbrella. After gawking for a while and adoring the girl who is so cute to drool over, I decided to maybe read the book I was just about to finish. As I turned around, a sudden shriek came from outside, which made me resume my position and look on. It was the girl who screamed. Curious to find out what made her scream I kept looking for anything funny or scary, and there she screamed again!! That is when I noticed the boy. He threw the umbrella above his head and when it returned to his hand, it came back inverted. The boy kept throwing the umbrella and the girl kept screaming in excitement. Such joy and happiness was flushing in her face, as if she had seen something magical. Well for a two year old, this could as well be magical. It made my heart feel so full with sweet happiness, to find someone smile at such a trivial thing.

But that is when I thought to myself; sadly the very same little girl would grow up to be someone boring like all of us, and would not even remember this tiny incident that made her so happy. The magic which mesmerized her today would unfortunately not even be noticed by her tomorrow and that folks is the cycle of life! The cycle we are all going through!


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