A chapter of my life


As often said, life is a book, and each person whom we come across in our lives represent a chapter in that book. If my life were to be read as a book, it would have many a pages, because I have had the good fortune of being related to a number of people right from the time of my birth till this day, while I sit here writing this post! And so, I had this thought in my head, why not share a bit about one chapter of my life which is quite inevitable? Without this person by my side, I wouldn’t have had the life that I had had. She is my sibling, my partner in crime (though we never committed many crimes together) and my best friend.

While in school and college, on being asked, “Do you have any siblings?” , I would proudly say “Yes, I have a sister.” But on learning that she is six years older than me I would have to see their oh-so flabbergasted faces that convey amusement about us having such a huge age difference! Seriously people, so what if she is SIX years elder to me, she acts like my baby sister, probably twelve years younger than me! Yes, I don’t know why she does that, but all through our childhood I have had the pleasure of being a big sister to my big sister. Pampering her in every way possible, letting her have things her way, being submissive to the tantrums she throws when she loses it and most of all giving her a piece of my mind (which of course she laughs at).

We have had our share of fights for the silliest things. Whether it be for the t.v remote which she used to win, considering the strength she had; or to be the first one to play on the video game; or worse still for owning up to maybe a stupid mistake I (always me) would have committed.  Even today, being over grown and having come out of our childhood, things haven’t changed slightly, because give us a chance and we would show you a real one on one which could bring the house down!

But all said and done, I wouldn’t trade my sister for anyone else. She was the one whom I used to look up to at times of trouble, she was the one from whom I used to muster up courage, she was the one who made me walk through the baby steps of cooking (preparing noodles, juices, scrambled egg and so on). I have many a times stood gawking with my mouth wide open (not literally),at how she manages to be herself. She doesn’t have a care about the world but still has dealt with everything that has come her way amazingly. Needless to say that she is my role model; I admire her for everything she is!

Is she an ever so loving sister? No way, she is not. So why do I love her? Because she is MY LITTLE big sister!


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