This is a little something about someone I would like to call ‘Superman’ aka my dad. My mum always points out to me jokingly that, at right the moment I was born, my dad who could not be persuaded to get on the plane to the Middle East, immediately fled to the desert. And she comes up with the reason for it being that, he knew it then, at the very lucky hour when his second daughter came into this world with her tiny shrieks that she was going to be one expensive commodity. My family has even hailed me the lucky mascot, for having brought riches into it, of course in the form of my father burning his brow and toiling there in the air conditioned room, away from home, away from all of us!

If I were really the reason for him to leave his wife and kids, then I believe it to be another one of his self sacrificing act of love for us. Yes, he loves us, UNCONDITIONALLY!! He puts US before anyone else, he works hard for US (or is it hardly works for us as we jokingly tell him) and he fights for US to get the best in the world. My dad has been my superman always, and that is what he will always be.

Though I haven’t had the luck to stay with my dad for quite a number of years, those times I have been able to be with him is something I would cherish my entire life. When my friends in school and college used to talk long hours of how they spend time with their dads, roaming around with them, driving around the town with them and playing with them, I have not once felt a void in my heart, that Oh! I miss him, because, of course I missed him, but he always made it a point that the emotion of me missing him never went overboard. I have always been a very understanding child myself, because I cannot remember one time when I complained about him not being here with us, as I knew he missed us more, a lot more than we missed him! My heart goes out for him, my dad, who has stayed away from all of us, for almost 22 years of his life, which continues even now.

My dad for one is a very sensitive person; he gets angry in a jiffy, sad in the quarter of a jiffy and happy in the half of a jiffy. Being the youngest, I have not been scolded at a lot by my dad, but if at all he scolds me, I feel the whole world against me, like someone has burnt the tiny little home- my heart, and the flames come out in the form of tears through my eyes. Even today, if my dad raises his angry- young man’s roughish voice a tiny bit, my face would go all red – flushed with the sorrow of having been struck with a metal rod right at my heart (tiny little home).

My father has always told me, you do not have to get the first rank, just know what you are doing, do it with conviction, and you will be happy and successful. But the genuine smile I see on his face when I top the class or do well at work, fills my heart with a certain kind of fulfillment, which is irreplaceable by any other happiness! The fulfillment that I have made my dad proud!

But what I have to let my dad as well as the whole world know is that, I am all the more proud to be your daughter. For all those things you have taught me, all the words you have etched into my mind, all those inside jokes that has made me laugh too much, leaving me gasping for breath- or in short for being my dad, my superman, my KING!


Forever your little princess


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