Momy :D


Why is this here? Why aren’t you cleaning your room? Why aren’t you studying? Why are you always in front of the t.v and finally the masterpiece- what you can’t find it? If I come up there and find it out, then you are going to have a feast!! Yes peeps, as you might have guessed this post is for sure about my mother, who nags and cribs about each and everything that I have done, I am doing and I might probably do. She is my guide, my mentor, the most patient listener and possibly the best mom any one could get, and I am being very honest here, because I know what a gem of a person she is, for all that she has done for me and all that she will do for me! She is the reason I am here today.

I often wonder how she manages to please everyone with her wide smile, rosy cheeks, dimple chin and those poetic eyes. It is like she just has to meet a person, talk with them for a few moments and then you find her laughing away like she is talking with someone she knew for ages! I have to confess; I always try mimicking her ,making the best efforts to get along with people like she does, but believe me it is not as easy as it seems. Even when she is not fond of somebody, she has always got that smile of hers intact, like God sent her with that smile glued onto her face.  She is a wonder- womanI admire her for that, because when I dislike someone, my face becomes a mirror to my heart, conveying exactly what I feel, through weird facial gestures that my family often taunts me for.

Being a working woman, everyone might feel that she never gave me a proper and happy childhood or that she never paid enough attention to me, but I would have to roar it out loud that, I have had the best childhood. And if not for my mother, who has been very understanding, things would have fallen apart quite easily, for she is the adhesive that holds our family together.

Having a husband as crazy as my dad and two harebrained daughters like us, any woman would have gone just rattling mad, but I told you my mom is the best and she controls us like the superior and ubiquitous force that controls the entire cosmos.  If my dad is a superman, then my mom is a superwoman.

The fact that, I get to see my mom only once or twice in a month now is quite saddening, but not to worry, when we meet we make it a point that we fight, scream and ‘nag’ about everything and, that suffices for a month of us being together.

Nonetheless, I have absolutely no idea what I would have done if my mom was not MY MOM. She carried me in her womb for nine whole months, went through that tumultuous pain to bring me forth into this world and raised me to be the person I am today. All the same, I would only take her to be the idol when I have to carry out the role of being a mother. I know; Thank you is just a word of gratitude that you exchange with any person and mum, you are not just any person. But still, Thank you, for being there always, for taking me to task when I committed all those stupid mistakes, for sharing your golden words of wisdom with me and most of all, for being the linchpin of my life.

Nagging-ly (tee-hee)

Your proud little one.


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