Cut down on that



Great expectations lead to greater disappointments. This has been something that I was pondering on for almost two days now. Of course, it came like an aftermath of a conversation I had with my husband.

So, I was going all twaddle about myself the other day and my patient husband, who never has a second choice, was standing next to me with his ears wide open, carefully giving heed to all that I was ranting and raving about.  A bit frantic about not being able to secure a job yet, I was trying to convince my husband, that I really am a smart brainy girl. Having cleared two interviews and having been offered a job at one place, I was still here, not being able to join due to certain unforeseen circumstances. The constant queries that ‘people’ put forth, the devastating look that I get often when they realize I haven’t started working and the statements they make to feed my heart with compassion and sympathy, has just been driving me delirious.

Yes I haven’t got a job; Yes I am not earning; and Yes it shouldn’t be bothering you all if it doesn’t tick our heads a bit. I believe everything happens when it has to happen. No one can force something into their lives just because they have been working hard for it or because they are really yearning for it. As we have all heard, everyone works in their own time zones, and time zone is not a toy that a child plays with; it is a huge, ( not by size really) virtual clock that has ultimate command over our lives.

Now coming back to our conversation, I was telling him about how expectant I always am, how I expect myself to be after a certain incident takes place, and how I make up scenarios in my head surrounding those expectations.  And that is when he popped that question right at me, “You never have a plan B do you? You always expect things to go your way, and finally when it doesn’t (like always) you end up being sad and cry over it like a baby right?” .

He had me there. That is my problem and I guess it is the same for everyone around the world. We expect, we anticipate, we just wait for things to happen and ultimately fall prey to the biggest disease- disappointment. We never have a back- up plan or some option that we could fall back on. Our expectations take the biggest space in our mind and there is not an inch left for the thought, what if maybe, just maybe, this doesn’t work out?

I know it is hard for anyone to let go off even the tiniest thing they would have wished for, but what if that makes way for something bigger and better? Why don’t we hope, yes HOPE that there is something huge opening up for us. A missed opportunity or a failed try might be the knock- knock on that door of the ice cream parlour where you could get the scoop of the best one in store.

So next time you are going rattling mad about something and end up expecting a little too much, stop right there, don’t go overboard and stay calm. For if it happens well, then it is a definite thumbs up for you, but if it doesn’t, you need not worry, something much better is driving itself into your life.


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