Gone for long



I came by the river side,

From where we watched the tiny waves roll.

Dreaming of a life by the shore,

In a house of our own,

but now the river is still, unmoving,

as if it knew you were gone, gone for long,

leaving me in the trenches of life.


I came by the stones at night,

Where we lay on our backs to gaze at the stars.

The sky lit by the glowing moon,

And stars blinking in rhythm as we counted them,

But now the sky was dark like my life devoid of you,

The darkness cast by rain clouds without another hue.


I came by the hut during spring,

Where we grew those beautiful roses.

Blood red roses they were among the greens,

Except now they weren’t red, but brown,

Brown that tainted my life with you gone,

Gone for long.


I still stand here awaiting my life to come back,

To tell me it was all just a bad dream,

To shake me awake from the incubus,

For you are my life and my breath,

And without you I am but dead.


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