Pokemon Pokemon

pokemon go

The recent outburst of ‘Pokemon Go’ is quite an insight into what we, as humans have really turned into. Yes, all this ballyhoo about a game, something virtual and intangible, reminds us of where we are placed in this much alive world! So what is ‘Pokemon Go’? Well, it is a game which makes use of augmented reality as its base. The game incorporates location and GPS to help gamers spot pokemons in real life, or the places where there are pokestops, to collect the virtual creatures, train them, and use them in battle against their foes. The game tries to restore the once popular sensation of the 90’s- the Pokemon series.

The game has ticked the nerves of many and has caused panic in a lot of people. There have been incidents of gamers trespassing private properties of others, falling into holes on the ground and even falling off the cliff. The havoc all these create is becoming a nuisance for those who enforce laws and others as well. The mishaps range from a Frenchman accidentally entering a Military Base camp in Jakarta while trying to catch Pokemons, to teenagers using the game to rob people. Other instances point out people walking through the lawns of families they are unfamiliar with while finding pokestops.

So what is this doing to us? While games in the olden times were a way to relax and have fun, it is not so now. People obsess over something as insignificant as an unreal game, which takes us into the reel world, and makes us interact with inexistent creatures, fight them and finally applauds us by providing reward points, in turn. It is true that the game has excited a lot of people and as we read through the news, many have come together, through the virtual world of friends the game has created.

But taking a closer look at everything once again; isn’t it quite obvious that the game as a whole is only virtual, but the price we are paying for, resulting from the piteous accidents that has upshot is a bit too much for something so insubstantial? It tunes us in such a way that we often tend to forget our surroundings and end up in a muddle from which it is a bit too hard to come out off. We unknowingly create an abyss, and fall into it.

Humans always learn everything the hard way, but turning back into the past, we haven’t learnt a single thing, neither the easy way nor the hard way! We are still there, clinging onto bygones, playing a game and patting our own back when we win it, spending enormous amount of time on something that doesn’t have any positive use for us, and finally wasting energy on an unreal thing ignoring the real world that we ourselves have messed up successfully!

I am not totally against games or nor am I against anything virtual, for I am writing this post because there are so many virtual networks around us. But there needs to be a limit, a boundary, which would help us kibosh, our escapade into the artificial world. As said, too much of anything is good for nothing, and so also we need to keep a check on the virtual, for it could be even more dangerous than a nuclear weapon, to curb humanity as a whole. Who could say, even the third world war would be fought virtually!



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